7 Electric Truck Manufacturers and Their Vehicles

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The age of the electric pickup truck is finally here. As of right now, there are as many as seven different manufacturers of electric vehicle pickup trucks scheduled to release models in the next several years, while several leading manufacturers in the automobile industry have expressed interest in becoming a part of this growing market.

The popularity of electric trucks has been growing for a reason: any skepticism regarding these vehicles’ power compared to their gas-run counterparts has been quickly put to rest. Additionally, they still offer plenty of powerful towing abilities with a great storage capacity. Below, we’ll discuss the various electric car manufacturers jumping on the electric truck trend and all the features their respective models have to offer. 

Who Makes Electric Trucks?

The following are the seven electric truck makers who are planning on making an electric truck for the masses in the coming years.

  • Rivian
  • Tesla
  • GMC Hummer
  • Bollinger
  • Ford
  • Lordstown
  • Nikola

These seven electric truck manufacturers will have models available in the next couple of years. More companies continue to announce they will be getting into the electric truck market so stay tuned.

When Will Electric Pickup Trucks Become Available?

As it stands, there are at least seven electric trucks that will become available within the next couple of years. Below is a list of these expected models, in order of their anticipated release:

  1. Rivian R1T (Summer 2021)
  2. Tesla Cybertruck (Fall 2021)
  3. GMC Hummer EV (Fall 2021)
  4. Bollinger B2 (2021)
  5. Ford Electric F-150 (Mid-2022)
  6. Lordstown Endurance (Mid-2022)
  7. Nikola Badger (Late 2022)

Note: The Chevy electric pickup truck is slated for release by 2025, though Chevy has not released too much information about this model yet.

Please keep in mind that these dates correspond to the earliest possible release dates for certain powertrain options or trim levels for each model. The pandemic of 2020 has also presented a bit of a challenge for manufacturers, some of whom have already confirmed that these electric trucks’ much-awaited release will need to be pushed back.

The chances are that by the year 2023, you will start to see a lot more of these revolutionary driving machines out on the highway. They present a unique opportunity to design an electric vehicle that is more versatile than anything we have seen before.

Next, we’ll look at the above list of electric trucks in detail. 

7 Electric Truck Manufacturers and Models 

If you have never shopped for an electric vehicle before, it may be hard to compare various truck models—especially since there’s still not much we know about these new electric trucks scheduled to hit the market soon. 

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However, below, we’ve covered seven different electric truck manufacturers and their most recent models to help you decide which option is best for you. 

GMC Hummer EV Pickup

GMC introduced its first fully-electric vehicle, the Chevy Bolt, in 2016. The car breathes new life into the Hummer name, which has previously only been recognized as notorious gas-guzzlers. Since then, GMC has promised 12 different electric vehicle options across different body types by 2023.

And GMC certainly did not fall back on their promise; they announced the all-electric Hummer EV pickup truck during October 2020, with production slated to begin in late 2021. There will be four different trims released, with the first set for release in 2021 and one more each year until 2024.

Release DateEdition 1 (Fall 2021), EV3X (Fall 2022), EV2X (Spring 2023), EV2 (Spring 2024)
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)250-350 miles
Towing Capacity7,500 lbs. – 11,000 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH)216 x 93.7 x 81.1 in.
Truck Bed Length5 ft


The Hummer EV is advertised as a midsize pickup, but it is slightly on the bulky side at a width of 86.7 inches; this makes it 5.5 inches wider than the standard GMC Sierra truck. (It is so cumbersome that it is legally required to have clearance markers on the roof.) Customers have the unique option of going with transparent sky panels that are tinted to reflect the sun.

GMC Hummer Electric Truck
GMC Hummer EV Pickup Truck


Thanks to the width, you will be hard-pressed to find a midsize truck with a more spacious interior than the Hummer EV. The rear legroom (38.9 in) is still 4.8 inches less than the GMC Sierra Crew Cab, but it is certainly an improvement over the Double Cab model of the Sierra or the Crew Cab of any conventional midsize vehicle. 

The Hummer EV is also outfitted with a 14-speaker audio system.


The Hummer EV is slated to have an impressive acceleration, going from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds. The Edition 1 and EV3 will have three different motors that combine to deliver 1,000 HP and 800 HP, respectively. The other two models will be outfitted with a dual-motor system capable of providing 625 HP.

Other Features

Super Cruise will provide hands-free driving assistance with automatic lane changes on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads.

The Bottom Line

The company is marketing the Edition 1 Hummer EV as an electric vehicle with off-road content such as:

  • 35-inch OD Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires
  • Underbody armor 
  • Rock sliders

This will be the first trim available, projected to hit the markets in late 2021.  

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla created shockwaves when Elon Musk announced the Cybertruck in November 2019. One thing is for sure: you can’t knock this truck for being mundane. The Cybertruck is unique from the outset due to its stainless steel frame and armored glass windows. 

Release DateTri-Motor AWD (Fall 2021), Single-Motor & Dual Motor (2022 TBD)
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)250-500 miles
Towing Capacity7,500 – 14,000 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH)231.7 x 79.8 x 75 in.
Truck Bed Length6.5 inches
Total Cargo Volume100 cubic feet

This is the first pickup truck from Tesla, whose lineup currently features sedans and SUVs. It represents the company’s latest advancements, which have dominated the electric vehicle market since the introduction of the Tesla Roadster in 2006.


The 100 total cubic feet of exterior storage is handled largely by a 6.5-foot long truck bed that will be covered by a metal tonneau cover that Tesla claims will be strong enough to be stood on. 

Exterior cargo space includes a lockable vault to keep items safe and secure. The sturdy stainless steel framework should make the Cybertruck one of the most durable electric vehicles on the market, at least on the exterior.

Tesla Cybertruck who makes electric trucks


Those familiar with the other models of the Tesla lineup will likely recognize the interior as distinctively Tesla, with a 17” tablet screen mounted at the center of the dashboard. The interior’s overall design is basic but is sure to be unique thanks to the inclusion of sharp angles.


The Cybertruck will have three different engine configurations once every model has been released: A Tri-Motor AWD, Dual-Motor AWD, and Single-Motor RWD. 

Power is certainly a strong suit for the Cybertruck as the Tri-Motor is projected to have a towing capacity of up to 14,000 lbs. The only challenge with this is the logistics of charging the vehicle while it is towing a boat or camping trailer. Most charging stations do not currently have enough room for a pull-through charging station. But, charging companies have at least a couple of years to coordinate with manufacturers to build more spacious charging facilities.

Other Features

Tesla’s autopilot and fully self-driving packages offer auto-steer and lane change guidance, among other features for the new truck.

There will also be a Smart Summon feature—similar to previous Tesla electric car models—that will allow Tesla owners to get their vehicle out of tight spaces without needing to squeeze in and out of the truck. 

The Bottom Line

There may still be some unknowns with the Cybertruck, but as a member of Tesla’s lineup, it will share many characteristics with the rest of the models; this includes the company’s emphasis on an extensive software system providing over-the-air performance updates. You will also have the option of adding autopilot and self-driving software to the mix.

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Rivian R1T

Rivian is a start-up based out of California that has recently received support from high profile investors to create innovative electric vehicles. In fact, Ford has invested $500 million, and Amazon has added another $700 million thus far.

The company has sought to separate itself from the rest of its class by designing an electric vehicle that is primed for adventure: the R1T.

Release DateSummer 2021
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)Up to 400+ miles
Towing Capacity11,000 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH)217 x 79.3 x 71.5 inches
Rear Trunk Volume12.4 cubic ft
Front Trunk Volume11.1 cubic ft


In terms of size, the R1T falls into the midsize truck category, given that it measures 67.3 inches from front to rear. The only type of cab available for this model is the crew cab version. 

Since this is a truck designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, there is plenty of lockable storage coming in the form of 23.5 cubic feet of combined front and rear trunk space.

Another unique feature is the stadium-shaped headlights that use less power while also casting a wider beam than convention headlights; this could certainly work out nicely for travel throughout remote areas with poor lighting.

Rivian R1T electric truck maker
The Rivian R1T electric truck on a casual Sunday afternoon drive.


All the wood portions of the interior are sustainably-sourced. The dashboard follows the electric vehicle trend of placing a simple touchscreen mounted at the center. This screen provides drivers with access to a host of infotainment and vehicle functionality options.


The Rivian R1T has a unique quad-motor system providing 750 HP. The result of this configuration is having power delivered independently to each wheel; this is an attribute that optimizes the R1T’s status as a truck that should handle a wide range of terrain. 

The Bottom Line

The Rivian R1T is capable of fording water depths of up to three feet. The front and rear trunks offer an extra 12 cubic feet of lockable storage. Another unique storage feature is the flexible crossbar system that can be mounted on either the truck’s roof, bed, or bed floor.

Ford Electric F-150

The best-selling pickup truck on the market will soon be available in electric vehicle form. If the electric F-150 performs anything like the conventional F-150, then you can certainly expect it to be stiff competition for the rest of its class.

Release DateMid-2022
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)At least 300 miles
Towing CapacityLikely 12,000 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH)TBD
Truck Bed LengthTBD
Front Trunk VolumeTBD
(Source: Motortrend)

Note: This would be the first electric truck from Ford, but not the first electric vehicle in general: The 2021 Mustang Mach-E is an all-electric SUV scheduled for release in late 2021.


As far as specs go, these are all pieced together from teases that continue to be released by Ford; this is mere speculation at this point, but the Ford Electric F-150 could very well share characteristics with the Rivian R1T given the fact that Ford has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to help the start-up auto manufacturer.


Under the hood, it sounds like the truck will have a dual-motor powertrain; this is a feature common to many other members of this class. This should deliver power ratings not unlike those of the Tesla Cybertruck, perhaps even better.


Not much is known about the engine system yet, although Ford has confirmed a dual-motor setup. One feature that could greatly increase this truck’s utility value would be the mobile power station that Ford has announced plans for

This could allow the vehicle to be used as an electricity source in remote areas like campgrounds or on job sites where there is no immediate power access.

Other Features

Newer models of the F-150 have a hands-free driving system for select highways; you may anticipate similar features in the electric F-150.

The Bottom Line

It won’t be until 2022 at the earliest that a fully-electric F-150 will be available, although the company has confirmed that they are working on an electric truck. 

In the meantime, Ford has already announced that a hybrid F-150 will be released to the public in late 2020 to early 2021. The Ford Explorer Hybrid SUV is capable of a combined fuel efficiency rating upwards of 28 mpg, so you can anticipate similar numbers with the F-150 hybrid. 

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Lordstown Endurance

The fledgling company, Lordstown, has not yet officially announced any plans to produce any EVs other than pickup trucks, and its newest model, the Lordstown Endurance, is one reason why. 

The Lordstown Endurance holds the honor of having the fewest moving parts of any vehicle; this is all thanks to the inclusion of innovative hub motors—located within the truck’s wheels. This is a feature common to electric bikes and scooters but not yet seen in larger electric vehicles. 

Release DateMid-2022
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)At least 250 miles
Towing Capacity7,500 lbs. 
Truck Bed Length6.5 ft


The current renderings of the Lordstown Endurance suggest that it will have a four-door crew cab body that is certainly not uncommon in the pickup truck world. 

The exterior design should spark some interest. The front grill of the truck will be color-matched. The lights take on a running horizontal line shape not often seen in vehicles.

who makes electric trucks - Lordstown Endurance


There will be an instrument cluster located to the right-center of the steering wheel. This instrument cluster includes analog buttons and digital screens that will be in a spot that is convenient to the driver. There will be no need to reach over to a center-mounted control system seen in so many vehicles.


The four hub motors should make the truck easier to maneuver in all sorts of terrain. Implementing a hub motor system is a bit of a gamble for Lordstown that could either work very well or be a disaster. Luckily the brains of the operation, Steve Burns, started his career as a software developer

The computer system will counter any discrepancies in the functionality of the motors at any given moment. The four hub motors will combine to distribute a maximum of 600 HP. 

The Bottom Line

In a crowded market, it is hard to set yourself apart from the rest. The Lordstown Endurance hopes to do just that with its unique motor system and easy-to-access instrument cluster located only to the right of the steering wheel. The truck aims to be distinctly Midwestern with its simple characteristics and functionality for the working individual.

Bollinger B2

Bollinger, a small auto manufacturing company based in Michigan, unveiled the B2 truck in October 2018. The B2 is yet another member of the growing class of electric vehicles being marketed to off-road enthusiasts. 

Release Date2021
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)200
Towing Capacity7,500 lbs. 
Dimensions (LxWxH)207.5 x 77.2 x 72.7 in.
Truck Bed Length6 ft.
Front Trunk Volume8.6 cubic ft.


The B2 bears a striking resemblance to the Jeep Gladiator truck. Bollinger even offers removable and foldable body panels akin to the ones you get with Jeep; this feature sets the B2 apart from many other electric trucks that are about to hit the market. The vehicle also offers 20 inches of ground clearance, making it suitable for travel over rough terrain.

Bollinger B2 electric truck maker


The interior of the B2 is pretty simplistic in design. There are heated seats, as well as Bluetooth capability and eight 100-volt outlets. (These types of features have become standard across all makes and models these days.) Above the truck bed, the rear window can be conveniently flipped up for more airflow throughout the truck. 


Like many of the trucks in this list, the B2 continues the trend of rolling with a dual-motor configuration. The result is an all-wheel-drive pickup that packs quite a punch: 614 HP and 700 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, it does not sound like the B2 will have the driver assistance features (safety attributes) that many other electric vehicles currently have.

Other Features

Bollinger has taken advantage of electric vehicles’ front and rear cargo space by making both holds accessible from the cab’s interior. The result is a truck capable of hauling up to 72 sheets of 4’ x 8’ plywood and carrying cargo up to 16 feet in length.

The Bottom Line

The Bollinger B2 certainly comes with a high price tag, but it does include features that can make it worth it for interested parties. It has a rugged Jeep-like exterior and interior that makes it a prime candidate for off-road adventures. The removable door and window panels offer a customized experience that most electric vehicles do not.

It’s also worth noting that Bollinger is also introducing the B1, which it calls a “Sport Utility Truck.” The B1 could appeal more to traditional SUV buyers rather than those looking for a true pickup truck.

Nikola Badger

Nikola Motors is an electric car manufacturer start-up that has been in the process of forming a partnership with GM to produce electric trucks. As a recent entry to the electric truck world, it will be a couple of years before you start seeing Nikola vehicles on the roads.

Nonetheless, the Nikola Badger was announced in February 2020, and production is slated to begin in late 2022. Buyers will have the option to reserve either a battery-electric (BEV) or hydrogen-electric (FCEV) truck. A hydrogen-electric fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to power an electric motor; these types of fuel cells can be refueled in as little as 10 minutes. 

Release DateLate 2022
MSRP$60,000 (BEV)-$80,000(FCEV)
Battery Range (EPA-Estimated)300 miles (BEV), 600 miles (FCEV)
Towing Capacity8,000 lbs. 
Dimensions (LxWxH)232 x 86 x 74 inches
Truck Bed Width5.13 ft


It’s a bit hard to iron out specific details at this point as the official prototype is not scheduled to be unveiled until late 2020 at the earliest. However, the company has specifically targeted the Ford Raptor in its crosshairs. Therefore, you can certainly expect the Nikola Badger to at least share some exterior design elements with the truck that it is trying to replace.

Nikola Badger electric truck maker


Renderings and early announcements from Nikola suggest that there will be a mixture of traditional and modern elements within the cabin. You are likely to see a center-mounted screen on the dashboard, not unlike the displays that have become standard in these vehicles. 

More intriguing features include a floor-mounting system for easy storage and possibly even a hidden refrigerator.


The engine of the Nikola Badger will be capable of providing up to 980 lbs of torque and up to 906 HP of power. Even if you only buy the BEV (electric battery) model, you will be able to add the hydrogen fuel-cell to the mix later on if you desire to do so. 

Acceleration should be a strong suit of this vehicle, with Nikola claiming that the quickest model will be capable of reaching 60 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds.

The Bottom Line

There will still be many details that will need to be released in the next couple of years. However, the hydrogen fuel-cell makes the Nikola Badger one of the most intriguing options on this list. 

Although the engine delivers in most performance metrics, it will be interesting to see the final maximum towing capacity. Many other electric trucks mentioned in this list have maximum towing capacities greater than the 8,000 lbs that Nikola currently claims.

Will Other Truck Makers Have an EV?

Can we expect the pickup truck battle between the classic heavyweights to continue into the next generation? The answer appears to be yes, although details are murky at this point. As mentioned earlier, Ford has already confirmed that they are working on an all-electric pickup truck. The electric version of America’s best-selling truck will not be available until mid-2022 at the earliest.

It does indeed appear that there will also be an all-electric Chevrolet truck available at some point. GM recently announced that an electric Chevy pickup would go into production by the year 2025. The vehicle should benefit from being designed with GM’s electric vehicle platform, which allows it to store double the electricity than the most recent Tesla Cybertruck prototype.

Ram has not announced plans for a fully-electric pickup truck, although they are certainly not opposed to the idea. A leading manufacturer like Dodge would not want to miss the boat on the wave of the future, either. There have not yet been any official announcements by Toyota for a fully-electric truck. 

Finally, while this is not a product of one of the leading manufacturers, it surely does raise some eyebrows: The Atlis XT is a concept truck at the moment that is looking for investors. The aim is to produce a vehicle capable of a battery range of 500 miles that can also be charged in just 15 minutes.

Who Else Will Make Electric Trucks?

For the time being, those intrigued by electric trucks will have to play the waiting game. Most electric pickup trucks won’t hit the roads until 2022 or later. However, these long-awaited next-gen vehicles are sure to live up to the hype. 

Battery range continues to improve, with some manufacturers even suggesting up to 500 miles on highways, while innovative technology seems to be a must for manufacturers trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the class. 

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