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Here is your place for electric cars. If you are trying to decide to purchase an electric car, own an electric car, or just curious about electric cars, this is your place to understand this new technology.

Plugin Report's author and owner Jordan Fromholz, about Jordan

I’m an electric car owner, enthusiast, and eager to learn more about this new tech. As a Chemical Engineer with 15-years in the energy industry, I’ve made my passions be renewable energy, batteries, and electric cars.

After dreaming of owning an electric car for years, my wife Erica, toddler Henry, and I finally purchased a 2017 Nissan Leaf this year. We have learned a lot from researching what to buy, the buying process, and now driving the Leaf. We have no regrets about purchasing but check out our articles on what we have learned so you don’t make our mistakes.

We live on Maui, Hawaii. An island is an ideal place for an electric car as there isn’t far to go and gasoline is very expensive compared to the mainland. But even on a small island, our 95-mile range can quickly be depleted on a day out for errands and charging stations can be unreliable. Follow along for our learnings and exploits on owning an electric car.

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